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I am a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Guatemala.

My musical path began when I was 12 years old as I started taking classical guitar lessons, but its current form and direction developed when I discovered songwriting at age 16.

A few presentations in small venues of Guatemala City paved the way to the Aves Raras Festival in 2015, a gathering of singer-songwriters from the national scene.

Some time later, and thanks to the support from guatemalan platforms such as esQuisses, SdMA and Sofar Sounds, my music came to Gaby Moreno’s attention, Latin Grammy winner as Best New Artist (2013).

She gave me the opportunity to participate as her guest in the Third Gaby Moreno and Friends Festival, which took place in 2016 in Guatemala’s National Theatre, and then to record my first EP under her production.

Dos Profundidades is the name of the album that gathers 8 of my earliest songs, in which I travel through the past, my sanctuaries, love and death.

When composing, I strive to offer a very particular musical aesthetic that allows me to explore philosophical themes in the lyrics, which I sing in spanish, english and french.

Eager to expand my horizons and to learn new tools, I moved to Switzerland at age 19 in order to study music. Two years later, I got accepted to my dream school program: a Bachelor on Popular Music specialized in Voice and Creative Performance in Lausanne’s Haute École de Musique (HEMU), located close to the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

Since my arrival in Europe, I have performed at university festivals, theatres, radio interviews and cultural centers in cities like Lausanne, Geneva, Neûchatel, Fribourg, Bern, Zürich and Mannheim.

In my concerts, I play my songs along three amazing musicians and good friends from college: keyboard player Mathieu Nuzzo, bass player Dante Laricchia and drummer Vincent Andreae.