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dos profundidades

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dominique hunziker


I am a guatemalan singer-songwriter.

I started in music when I was 12, as I began to study classical guitar. At the age of 16 I began composing my own songs.

Presentations in small venues in Guatemala City led me to be invited to Aves Raras, a festival that gathered a number of songwriters of the Guatemalan scene.

Later on, and thanks to the support of platforms such as esQuisses and SdMA, my music was heard by Gaby Moreno (Latin Grammy 2013, best new artist), who invited me to sing in her third Gaby Moreno y Amigos accoustic festival and, ultimately, to travel to Los Ángeles to record my first EP.

Dos Profundidades is the name of that album which includes 8 of my songs. I explore in them concepts such as love, the past, and death.

 I've been told that my compositions are characterized by a casual impulse to attack complex melodies and that my lyrics, poetic, often reveal a deep philosophical exercise. ...?

Currently in Switzerland, I study at the School of Jazz and Current Music.

I am also the vocalist in the group InCuikatl.



Corazón de madrugadA


Bruno Hunziker at the camera / Galerie Humus, Lausanne




Concert at l'Ancienne Poste des Planches

Place de Planches 4, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland




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